The experience teams of civil engineering mining have proven mastery of their skills in the production of extremely varied work of a national and an internationl scope.

Our technicians have mastered all the blasting and priming techniques (electronic priming devices and sequential devices, in particular) and can assist in the most complex environments :

  •     Urban areas and micro-blasting
  •     Underwater
  •     Underground space
  •     Cutting


Our blasts are calculated in such a way as to minimize the effects on the environnement in terms of vibrations and projections. Our skilled teams are able to adapt the blasting in situ, in response to the constraints encountered.

EPC-Belgique has a drilling fleet that can adapt to all types of rocks. Training people in the most up-to-date techniques with cutting-edge technology optimizes our blasting services and materials, and at the best cost.




MICRO-BLASTING is a technique for clearing rock rubble with explosives. the use of micro-loads between 100 end 2000 grams minimizes the vibrations of the blast impact on the surrounding structures. This techniques results in a significant reduction in daily vibration and noise limitations imposed on the daily use of a hydraulic rock breaker (noise, dust, slow place...).



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The new generation of Electronic blasting system Daveytronic® DT-OP et DT-OPW offers precision, simplicity and flexibility.



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