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EPC-France, a subsidiary of EPC Group, first created in 1894, now consists of about forty subsidiaries in twenty countries worldwide. The EPC Group, a pioneer in France in manufacturing and distributing industrial explosives, is one of the leading independent players in the core business of explosives and drilling and blasting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


From its beginning, the EPC Group has been committed to remaining in close proximity with its customers: geographically, technically and commercially. This commitment is demonstrated both by its global presence as well as by its development of innovative technologies; the acquisition of new businesses has strengthened its offer of a broad range of state-of-the-art products and services on the global marketplace.




EPC Group : an integrated global offer


Website of EPC Group : www.epc-groupe.com



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The French leader in the production of commercial explosives, EPC-France, a subsidiary of EPC Group, has streamlined its activities into one synergetic entity, thus offering a comprehensive range of products and services, custom-tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.








4, rue de Saint Martin de Crau


Tél :  04 90 47 17 25

Fax : 04 90 47 08 06



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EPC Belgique

EPC Belgique

Siège social :

Rue Bois de Huy, 5D

4520 Amay

(Attention pas de livraison possible à cette adresse)

Tél :  085 27 47 90  

Fax : 085 27 47 99

TVA: 0422 454 596


Adresse de Livraison Site:

Chaussée de Waremme, 151

4520 Wanze


Adresse de Livraison Bureaux:

Au Tige de Villers, 3B

4520 Vinalmont