CPT Additional Options

Eight in number, CPT offers additional options to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in specific areas of mining.


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The leaders in mining activity need to, during their career, deepen their knowledge in order to adapt to technological progress and economic and environmental constraints.


In this context, EPC-France offers courses open to any person wishing to improve in the field of mining...



Tags : Service - Solutions - Training

EPC Belgique

EPC Belgique

Siège social :

Rue Bois de Huy, 5D

4520 Amay

(Attention pas de livraison possible à cette adresse)

Tél :  085 27 47 90  

Fax : 085 27 47 99

TVA: 0422 454 596


Adresse de Livraison Site:

Chaussée de Waremme, 151

4520 Wanze


Adresse de Livraison Bureaux:

Au Tige de Villers, 3B

4520 Vinalmont