The leaders in mining activity need to, during their career, deepen their knowledge in order to adapt to technological progress and economic and environmental constraints.


In this context, EPC-France offers courses open to any person wishing to improve in the field of mining...



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The experience teams of civil engineering mining have proven mastery of their skills in the production of extremely varied work of a national and an internationl scope.

Our technicians have mastered all the blasting and priming techniques (electronic priming devices and sequential devices, in particular) and can assist in the most complex environments :

  •     Urban areas and micro-blasting
  •     Underwater
  •     Underground space
  •     Cutting


Our blasts are calculated in such a way as to minimize the effects on the environnement in terms of vibrations and projections. Our skilled teams are able to adapt the blasting in situ, in response to the constraints encountered.

EPC-Belgique has a drilling fleet that can adapt to all types of rocks. Training people in the most up-to-date techniques with cutting-edge technology optimizes our blasting services and materials, and at the best cost.




MICRO-BLASTING is a technique for clearing rock rubble with explosives. the use of micro-loads between 100 end 2000 grams minimizes the vibrations of the blast impact on the surrounding structures. This techniques results in a significant reduction in daily vibration and noise limitations imposed on the daily use of a hydraulic rock breaker (noise, dust, slow place...).



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EPC-France has always been a driving force in controlled blasting. Ensuring on-site satety is a major focus of the development of EPC-France and controlled mining is a necessary passage for this. As such, EPC-France has taken upon itself the development of the EXPERTIR 3D Software : a blasting software designed by miners. EPC-France has compiled in this software all of the expertise of its engineers and technicians.



To ensure the security of the settlements, the software is able to integratre the 3D profile of fronts, whatever the type of devise used. This geometrical knowledge, once acquired, can model the implantation directly on computer : tilt, depth, orientation of the drilling, as much information as is available to the driller, so that he can work under the best conditions.



During drilling, the driller logs all anomalies of the ground tha are encountered. This drilling report is fully embedded into the 3D EXPERTIR Software, to gather all the information on the same support for the design of the fire plan.



To verify that the drilling matches the implantation, the exact hole position is taken with a precision GPS. Then each hole is checked, using an inclinometer sensor to monitor any possible deviations wich might occur during the drilling.


Once the geometric information and field data are collected in the same software, it is up to the miner to use his experience to establish the optimized fire plan.



Thus all the elements are available to establish a safe fire plan, guaranteeing optimum mass distribution, while respecting the environment by limiting the vibrations. A hole-by-hole loading plan for quality mining can be obtained in this way. All shooting plans are incorporated into a global topographic model for continuous tracking of the mining activity.

To learn more about the mining methods from EPC-France, please watch the video in the box on the top right.



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CPT Additional Options

Eight in number, CPT offers additional options to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in specific areas of mining.


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EPC-France is committed to sustainable development.

The issue of green house gas emissions affects all industrial activities. Thus, in order to assist our clients in their CO2 emissions reduction efforts, we are committed to the European project of research and development EE-QUARRY. It aims to quantify and reduce the carbon footprint of production activities in massive rock quarries.



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EURO-iTRACE is the Track and Trace solution EPC-France, set up to meet the European Directive 2008/43/EC which will go into effect on April 5 2015.


EURO-iTRACE has the followinig specifications :

  • Smart mobile terminals.
  • Embedded software in the terminals and pre-configured upstream of the delivery.
  • Back-up, training and hotline are provided locally.
  • Our system can also include items not produced by the EPC Group provided they meet the recommendations of the FEEM.



The data are systematically sent in a XML file.


Receipt and use of receipt :


  • S1 : the file is sent to customers by email or via web service.
  • S2 : we also offer hosting of the data, and ensure traceability service for the customer via a secure web portal that enables reporting in the form of dashboards and consumption statistics.


Reception storage and use :


  • S3 : an extension of EURO-iTRACE on board terminals enables our customers to track all of the products (including those not produced by EPC-Belgique)

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The EXPERTIR software was designed by EPC-Belgique for the purpose of managing mine or open pit blasting. It has modules which feature different functionalities and degrees of complexity.



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Our teams carry out reinforcement work in the most various soils with perfect control of risks and uncertainties and with respect for quality and saftety.



  • Type of roof supports nailed walls and micro-berlin walls.

  • Special foundations micropiles type inclusions.

  • Anchors rods and bolts.

  • Shotcrete (reinforcement of concrete structures and embankments).

  • Injection work.

  • Strengthening of reinforced earth walls.



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Quality & Safety Policy an Prevention of Major Accidents EPC-France.

Customer satisfaction, personal safety and the prevention of major accidents are at the core of our business...


This common policy covers all aspects of Quality, Safety and Environment in all activities. It is in this spirit that our top management and our Terms & Directions delegates have undertaken the implementation and the maintenance of a process of continuous improvement, developing an integrated management system based on ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OSHAS 18001 and the Ministerial Decree of 10 May 2000 modified for Safety.


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Manufacturer of civil explosives, EPC-France is a partner in the distribution of explosives and blasting tools essential for quarry mining.


From the delivery of explosive device and initiation products to the services of drilling and blasting, the product offer is complete and the teams at EPC-France bring the whole range of mining products to the client.


In consultation with the quarry manager, the future blasting site is defined based on operationnal requirements.
The overall offer by EPC-France includes siting, drilling, supply of explosives and initiating systems, loading the explosives and doing the blasting, while assuring the safety of the mining.

From the blasting to creating a track or basin, our teams put their skills and experience to work for our customers to provide safe, high quality service.



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The VIBRACORD DX is a recorder with built-in geophone sensors that can measure in one point the vibrations generated either by blasting or by other sources.



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Policy concerning the Environmental

 A major player in the production, distribution, implementation of civil explosives and realization of special works, EPC-Belgique confirms its ability and willingness to conduct its activities in view of sustainable development. It owes its success to its history where man and nature have managed to coexist and prosper in harmony.


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Utilizing underground space is one of the best solutions to urban problems, and in particular those relating to transportation. Underground boring work is highly specialized and very different from open pit mining...


EPC-France has, over 10 years, developped MORSE system (module and re-pumping of emulstion sensitization). It is a safe and economical answer to the problèmes encountered in tunneling with explosives.


The MORSE system allows the application of an explosive emulsion directly the front surface to be removed. It greatly improves the safety conditions, productivity and reduces the cost of boring.




The technical solution proposed allows EPC-France to produce an explosive just at the end of the pumping hose. The explosive product (NITRAM TX1) is loaded into the borehole, as it is a low sensitivity explosive, it requires a powerful booster.



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As a part of the trip of some natural sites, rope access work permits to work on vertical walls to eliminate instability by purges :

  •     manual using canes to serves
  •     the mechanical means of hydraulic or pneumatic drills spark
  •     by hydraulic or pneumatic jacking
  •     air cushion
  •     excavation with explosives
  •     fence installation (secure embankments=
  •     shotcrete
  •     installation of rockfall barrier screens and blocks




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